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Writing content. Either you love it, are scared of it, or hate it. The question is, which on are you?

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Before you begin writing your content, it’s good to have a plan. Get yourself started with a outline. Write down the heading and add a paragraph and continue going like this until you have covered everything you need to cover.

Next you will want to figure out the keywords that people use when doing a search on Google. Figure out as many variations that people use as possible.

You will want to go back through your content and incorporate those keywords in a natural way. Make sure you’re not forcing them in your content.

How much content should I write?

I get asked this question all the time. Well news for you. Google loves websites that are rich in original content. It’s illegal to plagiarize, and it’s also not ethical. Make sure you’re writing your own original content.

Your home page should have 1,000 words. Make it engaging try and be different. Spend time making your copy amazing.

Each of your service pages should be about 500 words. Yes 500. Again, make it engaging and try to be different than all your competitors.

You also want to incorporate immediate calls to action that get your audience to pick up the phone, click to call, or to fill out the form on your website.

Words of Wisdom

Make sure you have a couple people proof-read your content. You want to make sure your site looks professional and doesn’t have grammatical errors that distract from your message or even yet, take away your credibility as a company.

If you absolutely hate writing and you may procrastinate just so you don’t have to write your content, I would suggest asking your friends, family. Find someone who you know that you could pay to write the content for you.

  • Keep the different colors to a minimum
  • Use fonts that are easy to read
  • Make sure you have a lot of white space
  • Use black font for your main font color
  • Font size should be easy to read so people don’t have to squint while there on your site

I hope this has been useful for you and gives you some easy action steps on how to move forward. If you need a content writer and you don’t know anyone who would be willing to write for you, Contact me here. I’ll make sure your content gets written for you!

See ya on the next post.